The Champlin Historical Society is committed to preserving Champlin’s rich history.  Our rich past includes having been a native American campsite, a rural farming community, a bustling lumber and milling center, and today- a suburban community.

The Champlin Historical Society was re-established in 1997.  Our goal is to compile and preserve Champlin’s history, document changes in the city, and collate the city’s photo collection.  The publication of Champlin on the Mississippi, is now on sale! Come visit Dunning School.

Regular meetings are held on the third Monday of each month, at Champlin City Hall, at
7 p.m.  We do take a hiatus for the summer, starting in June.

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Annual Dues:

$15.00- Individual  $25.00- Family   $50.00- Corporate

Make Checks Payable to: Champlin Historical Society

Mail to: CHS  P.O. Box 355  Champlin, MN. 55316