Champlin played an important part in the rise
and development of flour milling in Minnesota.

Shipments of flour to the East began in 1858 when a Mr. Getchell of Champlin sent ten barrels of flour to New Hamsphire in payment of a bill he owed. The shipment was so successful that an order was received in Minneapolis for a hundred barrels of flour: The order was filled by the W. W. Eastman Company located on Hennepin Island. Wooden barrels were scarce but a supply of crude barrels was obtained from the nearest cooper at Anoka.

The following was taken from an Anoka Union news article dated June 23, 1918:

A. P. Lane & Co., built the first mill at the mouth of Elm Creek in 1867. One noon when Mr. Lane was at home for dinner the mill toppled into the river the foundation having been undermined.

A new mill was erected and that in turn burned in February 1888. The following year the present structure was erected and for many years pro­duced an excellent flour which was in great demand.

Now the old mill is being made over into an amusement center. A large crew of carpenters have removed the machinery and made over the interior into a dance hall, open dinning halls where one can look out over the beautiful countryside and hear the tumbling waters of Elm Creek as they rush on to join the Mississippi .

An old water wheel is to be put in and will operate an electric light plant carrying 4000 lights to be used in the building and in the grove which will be landscaped.

A bridge of rustic design will span the creek and there will be benches and music to cheer and soothe the jaded tourist.